What We Do

Our evolutionary approach to WordPress Development and Design has gained accolades from around the world. We have built websites for numerous clients in a variety of countries and domains. We build state of the art websites with superlative features, are extremely well designed, engineered, and executed with an eye on your business revenue and ROI.

How We Do It

Our small team of creators have an innate sense of purpose and the expertise to build your dream site, with everything taken care of under the hood, from initial conception to final deployment and beyond. With considerable and commodious aplomb, we solve the innumerable problems faced by many businesses in today’s online world so you just don’t have to!

Our Guarantee

We provide a full custom build service from conception & design to deployment & management. We are guaranteed to build you one of the finest websites available with any customisation and with nothing left out of the equation when it comes to WordPress sites. Our small team of experts have a creative passion and a long history of expertise and innovation

Discover Whats Possible

With a finely crafted website by established and acknowledged WordPress aficionados who leave no stone unturned in the building of your dream site. If your business relies on its online presence for generating clients and customers, then you will benefit from a well built WordPress website created by our team of experts using custom open source frameworks so your site is a total original.

Evolutionary Wordpress Development

People just can’t stop talking about the Xhostcom Wordpress & eCommerce
Development Team, Take a Look below!

Fully Optimized and Well Coded Custom Wordpress

We create all our Wordpress & eCommerce sites with fully valid, semantic code and have taken the time to optimize every single part. All our sites are super fast and full of great features you’re sure to love

Recent Portfolio Additions

DJO Global
Sim Nation

& eCommerce Specialists

We Design and Create Superlative eCommerce sites using WooCommerce & Specialist Frameworks

Wordpress & eCommerce Framework Specialists

Custom built Wordpress & eCommerce Sites using the lightweight, extensible and extremely customizable Beans Wordpress Framework.

Ruby on Rails Framework Specialists

Custom built Sites & Apps using Ruby On Rails.


Make The Right Choice

Don’t settle for just any agency for your Website, Xhostcom are evolutionary Web & eCommerce specialists & aficionados and have rave reviews from Australia to New York!