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This Is Why Linkedin Makeover Is So Famous!

This Is Why Linkedin Makeover Is So Famous!

What makes the difference between a profile that uses the default LinkedIn background photo and one that uploads a unique, eye-catching LinkedIn profile is incredible! Below is a guide to everything you need to know about LinkedIn Background Photos, from choosing the right background photo, customizing it, and uploading it to LinkedIn.


Profile Makeover

Rather than go along with everyone else,you can upload your own, unique LinkedIn profile background photo graphic. When choosing your LinkedIn background photo, make sure the image matches your personal/professional brand and conveys your unique message. Choose images that inspire you or reflect what you do.

Some ideas include:

An image of the products you sell or produce
A photo of your office building or interior
A team picture
An illustration or photo that shows an analogy or metaphor of what you do (lighthouse, magnifying glass, owl, tree, and so on)
A picture of you at a podium or presenting in front of an audience

The image you choose should be professional and it should reflect your personal brand.



LinkedIn’s background image is responsive, which means the image can grow and shrink depending on the screen size of the device you are using to view it. Think in terms of the screen size differences between a desktop monitor, a laptop, and a little iPhone. These different devices all have different screen sizes. Utilizing a responsive image means that your profile should look good regardless of what device is used to view it.

Because the background image is responsive, there are areas of the image that you almost always see and other areas where you may only sometimes see. This means you have to be careful with the image you select and the placement of any logos.


New Job

Find a piece of art or photograph that makes sense with your brand OR business and use that. If there’s anything in the picture you wouldn’t want to see cut off, keep it away from the edge of the 789-pixel-wide center section.
If you must use your logo, make it repeat in a pattern, a little like the backgrounds you see behind celebrities posing for pictures.

Use as low-contrast a version of your logo as you can. Put it on as neutral a background as you’re allowed.
Use a version that has no text, if you have one, or make one if you’re allowed.
Since the center 798-pixel section that marks the iOS safety is roughly twice as wide as each side that iOS lobs off, try repeating your logo four times across the center, at the top, then twice more on each side, for a total of eight in a row, equally spaced. Then repeat them vertically down the image, as appropriate.



It's difficult to write about yourself and people are looking at your LinkedIn profile and drawing conclusions based upon what they read. Stop losing opportunities! It might be time to work with professionals who will interview you and create a powerful LinkedIn profile that showcases your professional story.

Get A Makeover

Here at Xhostcom we provide a complete Linkedin profile makeover which takes care of all the above and a whole lot more.

We also include translation to another language, as it is sometimes beneficial to another language aswell to broaden your reach. Not everyone speaks English yet!

Our Linkedin profile makeover begins with a questionaire about you and your brand or business, taking in to account all the details to produce a fantastic package for career people who want to boost their image and profile on Linkedin. This can lead to a whole lot of unexpected benefits which many do not consider.

So if you want to boost your Linkedin Profile and gain many of the what by now should be obvious advantages, just send us some details and we will take it from there!

Also, remember to check out Xhostcom.com for more.

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