Growth Hacking Strategies For Brand Positioning


The modern business world is tough and undoubtedly, full of challenges. Under such circumstance, it is important for entrepreneurs and business owners to develop strategies which bring their brand in the limelight.

With the advent of digitalization, a paradigm shift in business operations has been noted. Nowadays, a chunk of business operations go online and brand promotion is a major one amongst them.

But the question remains, how can growth hacking strategies be used for brand promotion? Before we answer that question, it’s important to understand the concept of growth hacking. 

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business.

So effectively it is a combination of techniques, tools, and initiatives which people use to achieve customer growth. For this purpose, both marketing and engineering skills are required, as the process is based on trial and error methods.

Now that the concept of growth hacking is understood, let’s move on the ways in which they can be used for brand promotion:

Understanding Target Audience

Before you can make use of growth hacking strategies to increase your brand awareness, it is imperative to understand your target audience. Human nature is dynamic. In that light, the requirements of people change with every passing day.

Thus it is very important to keep on checking the audience preference from time to time. Without knowing the audience correctly, using growth hacks for brand awareness may not be effective.

For this purpose, many growth hacking and marketing tools can be used. Such tools also help in keeping a tab on the audience preference from time to time.

Have Experiments

The best way of making a growth strategy work for brand awareness is by taking a close look at how the current marketing plan is working. Additionally, the rate of audience response also must be noted.

Make use of tools that can easily conduct A/B experiments and use them to test all your marketing plans, your homepage content, social media presence, email marketing, and such other components.

Such experiments help one see the wider picture based on which brand awareness strategies should be implemented.

Self Promotion

One way of self-promotion is through guest blogging. For this purpose get influencers from your field for guest blogging. Additionally, make sure that backlinks to your website are strategically placed so that people can find your website easily on the search engine.

Do not forget to link back and cross-promote your content with other experts in your field. Such actions not only lead to greater reach but also helps to increase the brand awareness of your product and service to your target audience.

Finally, take every opportunity you can find to pitch in your product and service to influencers. Though it’s an old technique, it still remains one of the best brand awareness strategies.

In order to do effective self-promotion, it is important to locate your audience. But you must think out of the box. Of course, you will find your target audience on social media, but what better means can you use to promote your brand? Keep your options open and exciting.

Begin Blogging

Blog is an essential growth hacking tool which goes a long way to ensure brand promotion. But do not stick to the traditional meaning of “blogs”. Focus more on your content and promote news and information relevant to your readers.

Thus in addition to blogs, incorporate quality content on a regular basis. Content can be in the form of images, infographics, Instagram post and a lot more.

Introduce as much content as possible to firm the ground for your brand promotion methods.

Establish Unique Brand Personality

Build A Personal Brand

The true potential of growth hackings rests in personal branding. The greatest growth hackers of our times like Elon Musk, Richard Branson did not follow the typical CMO techniques. They hacked their way in and set major examples for all others to follow.

Like these stalwarts, if you are able to become a small celebrity in your own field, establishing your brand awareness will not be that difficult.

Growth hacking techniques are as tough as their traditional counterparts. But they are more effective. Given the current business scenario, growth hacking techniques are the only means of attaining success for startups.

Times are changing and so are people. In that light, new brand promotion techniques must be introduced. It is only then can a business stand out. If you enjoyed this post, why not check out this article on Brand Credibility!

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