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Running a Facebook Nationwide Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes are a highly effective method of introducing and promoting a new product on the market. It is also a good way of introducing an existing product to a whole new customer base and engaging loyal customers as well. These activities encourage people to spread the word about a product while participating in the sweepstake with the hope of winning a price. The National Sweepstakes Company can provide you with the requirements of running one. Here are 5 tips to running an effective Facebook nationwide sweepstakes.

Get to Know Facebook Sweepstakes Rules

Facebook has very strict guidelines for the various activities carried out on this platform. Before you even think of carrying out a contest on Facebook, make sure you have taken time to read and understand these guidelines. Failing to follow the guidelines can have your contest disqualified or muted hence wasting your time and money. Ensure to always check the guidelines each time you want to run a campaign as Facebook keeps revising and changing them.

Set Your Goals and Objectives

The point here is not simply to conceive an idea of running a sweepstakes and getting on with it. It is a matter of trying to reach a target or a goal and to create as much awareness as possible. Setting a target gives you a clear guideline of what you should do and at what point instead of just running blind. The set objectives will give you an indication as to when you begin achieving your targets.

 Set Clear Rules and Guidelines

People participating in your event will want to know the requirements of the campaign. It is important that you formulate and set clear rules and guidelines that participants are to follow. Some of the most important guidelines include how individuals or parties are to enter the competition, the mode of operation, when the campaign starts and ends, restricted locations and age, whether people can have multiple entries and the category of prices based on participation among others. It is also important to have participants know how the winner or winners will be announced. You can seek professional help to formulate the terms and conditions.

Make it Mobile Friendly and Easy to Enter

A majority of Facebook users use their mobile phones to access their profiles. This means that you will get more audience and widely market your products if you create a mobile friendly campaign. Most people like using their phones during their idle time to keep them busy. It is this time that you should completely capitalize on. The campaign should also be easy to enter and participate to encourage more people to participate.

Use Adverts to Boost the Campaign

Do not just start the campaign and then sit back waiting for a ripple effect. If you do not participate actively in letting people know about it, it will quickly fizzle out as there are many other contests going on and competing for the same space. Actively use Facebook ads to promote the campaign. If you enjoyed this post, why not check out this article on becoming a Social Business!

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